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Hello Howie! Thought of you and hope all is well. Please call me sometime at 323-802-9439. Sherry Patrick

Sherilyn Patrick, Inglewood,CA

Just picked up a Tiffany #2177. It's far from perfect, but I'll send a picture as soon as clean it and figure out how to send a picture

Tim Blewett, Little Rock, AR

My daughter has an 1890's silver bible bookmark. Can't find any online to compare. Old style writing has initials of PAKB. Appears to be. Had a silver dealer wanted to buy it but she kept it. He was VERY interested in it. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about it. Ty

Tommie , Florida

I have collected bookmarks for about 40 years. Your site was an awakening for me. I own a lot of the ones you have categorized. Thank you so much for your guidance over the years. I have a couple of the Reed and Barton bookmarks that neither you nor anyone else including Reed and Barton can identify the shape. I think I figured it out today and would like your and others opinion. On you site under Reed and Barton it is No. 0030. I believe the top represents the silhouette of an open bookmark. Opinions please.

Charlie, Texas

"I just left you a message my name is linda Stanley st.charles,ky if I wanted to sell it do you have any ideal about what its worth.would conside selling it."

linda stanley, st.charles,ky

yes I have a bookmarker,no.1084 on page,the date on mine by w.c.finck on back it says patented march 13 1888on back of c,an sterling silver,w.c.finck above it,been searching along time for this,spoke to a co.that deals in his art,an they couldn't find it at all,can you help me

linda stanley, st.charles,ky

I have a kirk steiff rose solid sterling silver exquisite bookmark, i had no real ideal of it's worth until today only ever touch by myself one time ,today;( but only for a split second ! Never cleaned and the beautiful thing is smazing and back in cover the colors of the silver From the 1800 is phenomenal am willing to sell to genuinely good collection 229-300-8284

Rybecca, Naylor, Ga United States

I have a kirk steiff rose solid sterling silver exquisite bookmark, i had no real ideal of it's worth until today only ever touch by myself one time ,today;( but only for a split second ! Never cleaned and the beautiful thing is smazing and back in cover the colors of the silver From the 1800 is phenomenal am willing to sell to genuinely good collection

Rybecca, Naylor, Ga United States

"0291The bookmark have nothing to do with Denmark: It is absolut Norwegian!Text from a national song 1868 of Bjørnstierne Bjørnson (1832-1910): '"I will defend my country (the sword)- I will build my country (the hammer)'".925 S: Sterling Silver"

Peter Bondesen, Denmark

The church in the bookmark number 0675 seems to be Turku Cathedral in Turku, Finland.

Ari, Finland

"Hello just wondering if fradley made a silver bookmarkNamed puck"

Cliff, Michigan

Incredible collection and beautifully ordered site; however, I would like to buy one of these and see no place regarding costor whether these are NOT for sale. Help!

Donna, Illinois

A very good website. here is the new world for me. I collected many information of the bookmarks. Thank you.

Charles Wu, China

I bought your bookmark while stationed in England, 1980-1983. Patent #D-163572. How do I buy more. These are the greatest and I'm down to one.

Judith, Texas

I bought your bookmark while stationed in England, 1980-1983. Patent #D-163572. How do I buy more. These are the greatest and I'm down to one.

Judith, Texas

I can't tell you how glad I am to have found your site. I have been collecting for over 20 years. I have bookmarks I use, but, never my collectible pieces. Only last year did I see your site. It is easy to use and as accurate as any I have ever seen. Reading is a passion for me so a natural extension of that was bookmarks. Thank you!

Sharlean, Fort Worth, TX

"What a wonderful collection! I started collecting through a goodwill gesture to me, by a dealer. He was an elder gentleman who sold smalls including jewellery, my passion and this other gentlemen tried to get his pieces (glass jewellery beads) for a ridiculous price. After he left I picked up the pieces I wanted and handed the dealer money at the price indicated. They were already below their value. When he went to return my change, he placed a painted double parrot page marker made of celluloid in my hand. When I asked '"What''s this?'" He commented with a wink, '"It''s your new collection, happy hunting!'". When I told our son, his only remark was, '"Don''t let Dad find our you are collecting something else! That was in March of 2012, I now have six, whoopee."

Pat Zimmer, Aylmer, Ontario, Canada

I have an antique bookmark #0962 was just wondering how much this is worth for curiosity sake. Thank You so much Mickey.

Michaelene Fyda, Buffalo, NY

"Hoi again,The Kirk & Son bookmarks with roses on the top have a number 8 or 9. What does these numbers mean?Thanks again for your fast reply!Greetings,Quinten"

Quinten, Belgium

"Hi, great site, great collection. I have a general question. Do you know from when they start making silver or other metal bookmarks?Your oldest one is from 1860.Greetings,Quinten"

Quinten, Belgium

You do have a fabulous collection. Just amazing. . . . Are you interested in selling any pieces? I am looking for a special Xmas gift.

Paul Clote, Houston, TX

"Hi HowieI wondered if your no.0634 might be a spur rather than a wishbone? I recently bought one very similar that is definitely a spur, having the two sides of marginally different lengths. I have watched your growing collection with interest over the years. Since I contacted you some years ago, I have only managed to amass about 100 in my own collection. In the UK there are very few to be found in antique markets these days. "

Lyn , Cirencester

Hi I've just come across a bookmark with PAT.212101 silver mark. Think its made from a substance called celluliod? Anyway it has a swastika on end of chain. Is it something I should keep or is it worth anything. Any advise would be great.

Yvonne, Tyne & Wear

Are these for sale - I couldn't find a way to order one. Beautiful pieces.

Rich Hart, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

I have some silver and silver plated bookmarks figurals, of famous people like Robert Burns, Shakespeare , Churchill, prince Charles Florence nightingale etc, made for British Heritage in the early 1980s. I could send you some pictures and details for your catalogue, if you email me , your link is not working. and i have some i would consider selling, kind regards, Karen, ps love the site

karen, essex England

"I posted 2 post either below or above this.....I would consider selling the bookmark I have but I would like some info on it as I have no idea what it is worth. It is a Gorham Silver with Cherub"

Matt, Tx

"I''m reminded of beautiful butterflies, all pinned '"stone dead'" in a display case. Just not right somehow.. They should be used my friend."

Nick, London

"To be honest I don''t see the point of this site. You have some great bookmarks, but so what? I initially thought they must be for sale but then realised it''s just a '"vanity'" site. Bravo, you''ve collected some beautiful items, I hope you actually use some of them. I think hoarding per se ('"collecting'") is not a great idea. "

Nick, London

I recently came across a no. 0008.J.H.Johnston and Co.Bookmark.Curious what its worth.

Aaron Lynn, Hayden Idaho

"I have a bookmark & all I know is the number is B1570M and it is a Gorham. It has a lion,a anchor,& a letter in old english looks like a G Can anyone tell me how old this is and what it is worth?"

Matt, Tx

I have a No. 0029 Duchin bookmark. Can you tell me the value of this bookmark? Thanks!

Lindsey, Washington state

ps-it look kinda like No. 0284-cept its longer,skinner,and has place for engravement in top center,but the outer design looks like that cept more of it on mine-i dug it up metal detecting,it was bent up-but i got it straightened out-it says sterling on back cant see anything else-it has place for a chain,string,on top-thanks-ps-i dont buy or sell things just love to find

jeannie, sumter,sc

"love the picture-i have a old sterling silver book marker,very old it looks alittle simalar to some on your page but no match-it has a place for a name to be ingraved and has a name'"martha'"i believe it belonged to the wife of the founder of alcolu,sc-as i found it where there home use to be and her name was martha alderman-if you can email me-i could send a picture-i cant use these ipop mails or what ever opens when i try to contact"

jeannie, sumter,sc

"I have several bookmarks and one is like your No. 0015 but mine has 9 '"F'" on the back. What does this mean?? Thanks. Enjoyed your site!"

Janice, Dallas, TX

"I have a Stella Polaris Silver Bookmark and I am wondering what such a thing is worth. Please let me know on johnlewis1125@aol.comcheersjoh"

John Lewis, England

I have the bookmark #0224 and was wondering what is Gorham Sterling Silver 71...also would like to knoe what this is worth.. Thank you

Megann, Tennessee

"Hi I love your hand bookmark 0424 from Tiffany. May I purchase it from you? Sincerely, Susanne My email is Thank you"

susanne silva, sacramento

Looked on your site with interest as I collect silver book marks too. I think No. 1156 might be Payton, Pepper & Co., Birmingham, 1887-1895. Hope this helps, best regards, Brian

Brian King, Nr. Cambridge, England

"Really a wonderful collection. Do you mind sharingthe source for dating the Tiffany bookmarks, 1941-1970? Thanks!"

Anonymous, Somewhere in the world

"Howie,I am trying to purchase an antique book marker for my friend for a gift as he has a small collection. I lile your brass Moonstone with Saphiret glass and others. If yours are not for sale where and how do I find an interesting old one. Your help is appreciated."

marcia g., philadelphia

"Hi,I picked up a nice boxed silver topped with thistle and possibly bakelite (red) bookmark at an auction recently.I checked the patent No 212101 on the web and was directed to your site. I know very little about bookmarks and would appreciate any help you could possibly provide.The box has the jewellers name printed on it as: J.P. MacFarlane, 62 Argyll St, Dunoon. It appears to be quite old.Thank you in email is yorkieface@btinternet.comGeorge "

George, Airdrie, Scotland

"They are beautiful......each and everyone. I was entralled with the extent of the collection and all the information.Are they your collection or are they for sale?"

diane, Nantucket

"Hello, I am a collector in Beijing, China. I have collected car brochures and bookmarks for several years. I would like to swap with you if you are interested in Chinese ones.write me at edwardzhao2@sina.comBest RegardsEd in Beijing"

Edward Zhao, Beijing, China

Awesome collection! You do have the bookmark, like my father's. It's a Gorham Sterling made for Gump's, #0109.

Leslie, Manhattan Beach

Awesome collection!!! I also collect bookmarks: But my collection is from different bookmarks: wooden, plastic, magnetic, etc.

Vaida, Lithuania

"AMAZING COLLECTION! (and wow, what an amazing website as well)."

deena, cathedral city, ca

"Beautiful collection. I particularly love your Gorham collection (the corner bookmarks are my fave!). I have 5 of them, but e-bay moves so slow! "

Stasia Dziubek, Burlington, VT

"Regarding the beautiful celluloid and silver bookmark 1096 I thought you might like to know I have the same in the original box. It was mde by Bernh. Knauer Oldenburg I.O. Germany.He was a goldsmith of fine reputation in the early 1900s. If interested in more info I can e-mail you some research from Laine Faarley."

Don Baldwin, New Jersey

Thank you for your very informative site. You have a fabulous collection! I learned that the silver bookmark I'm researching was made by the Webster Co. in 1913 (no. 0138). Now I just need to find its value.

Mary, Laramie

Are these for sale? Do you offer prices?

Anonymous, Somewhere in the world

"I once had a large collection and may consider starting again.Showing prices required would be a fantastic feature to you site. can you let me have a list please?"

david hooper, norwich uk

I am trying to find a Tiffany World Map Bookmark to purchase. It is not available from Tiffany any longer and I see that you have one in your collection. No. 0426. Do you know how I can purchase one? Any help would be appreciated. email is

beverly, New York City

"I have recently been given 2 silver pieces with my grandparent''s first names engraved on them. They are silver, have a stamp that looks like a house and the number 40. There is another stamp that I cannot read. They are obviously early 20th century, and I am guessing they were bookmarks given as a wedding present. My grandparents were married in 1919. Just a guess, but other than that they could really only be money clips, but I think they are too short for a money clip. They might have been for a Bible as they have what looks like stylistic Christian cross cut out design on the larger front face. There are three fork like prongs that bend back to the other side into an wide arrow head-like point.Comments?"

MB St. John, Southern California

I have purchased a silver bookmark with the hallmarks that indicate it to be a Crisford and Norris with the datye of 1900. It is in excellent condition with a wonderful patina. It is 10.1 cm long and shaped almost like a sword with a hilt handle. It has no signs of repair and appears to be in original condition. I have two questions. One is should I clean it or leave it as is and second what would such an item bring on todays market. Appreciate any help I can get. Conatact me at Thanks for your help

Frank Ryan, Ontario, Canada

"Your collection of silver bookmark is amazing. Congratulation with this. I also collect bookmarks. I have about a 10 000 paper bookmarks. My silvercollection stops at about a 75. Here in Holland it is very difficulkt to find them. And if you find, they are very expensive. I wish yoy many luk with your colectionDick"

Dick, Netherlads

Are any of these Tiffany bookmarks for sale? If so, how does one order?

Barbara Miller, MA

Are any of these for sale?

linda, irvine, ca.

havne sale prices wud b gud. cannae see purpoise of this website

Worm's eye, Landahn

"I have a Reed & Barton bookmark with a Roman Soldier on the front. I have no idea what this is worth - I can''t find it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. I received it about 25 years ago.Thank you."

Phyllis, York, PA, USA

looking for a S. Kirk & sons bookmark to be engraved...or perrhaps a Stieff Kirk

ann ray, baltimore

I have a sterling circular bookmark by Gorham, # 0592 - commemorative - PRESIDENTIAL SILVER ANNIVERSARY AWARD. 1990. Can you tell me what this represents and how much it is worth? thanks so much!

Joan Fields, North Carolina

Hi i have a antique silver knife bookmark with the the marks of J - W - n - anchor - lion, which i believe is Birmingham 1887 but am unsure of the makers J - W marks. Maybe you could help me their. The bookmark is just something thats been knocking around the house for a long time so if anyone is interested please let me know. many thanks and congrats on a fantastic site.

D. Eaves , Windsor England

Again, why do you not post prices? I came to buy a gift ......

gary gayno, USA; PA

I keep coming back and did find my Gorham bookmark on your page. You date it 1881- when I bought it they said it was Gorham-Whiting now I'm wondering why? I'll just have to keep coming back maybe Ill find the answer. Mine is the cherub B1471M so sweet, I am up to three now. I would like to see any warnings you may know about buying these pnline, like I see some asvertised as old or antique and I know they aren't. Some it's hard to tell. BB

BB, The Evergreen state WA

"I just got started so we''ll see how long it takes me to catch up with you only 1099 to go lol. I just bought a silver Gorham/Whiting bookmark, supposedly aged between 1850-1899. I didn''t see one on your site. I also wondered about pricing and value but to a collector the price isn''t what''s important so I''m not sure that you need to be a source on price I was more interested in the history and information than price that''s invaluable. I expect you to become the expert on this topic and that a book will follow it''s only reasonable, we need to use them occasionally after all. To the person who wanted a remake forget it there are plenty of old ones around go for the real deal.;-)"

BB, The Evergreen state WA

"Item No. 0051 appears to be in the shape of a seed pod that pops open in the same general '"V'" shape/manner as replicated in the bookmark. I don''t know the name of the tree on which the pod occurs but immediately recognized it from memories of my childhood in Indiana."

Frawn, California

Since I am the person who got you started i must say how proud of you and this website i am. this is fabulous - i now have 22 bookmarks!

Iris, Birmingham

Wow... You have a WONDERFUL collection. Very intresting and inspiring. I wish I could have atleast ONE of my choice but don't knw where to look for it :(

Maryam S Mir, Belgium

Stan, he was my grandfather also and I've wondered what happened to all the models. :)

M Pascoo, California

"First, let me say what a well done site! I agree with the other comments on your wonderful presentation and collection. However, like others have mentioned, knowing what was paid or how you now value your pieces would put the cherry on top of this sundae and make it a one-of-a-kind resource. "

Karje K., Oregon

the bookmark from TA Kohn was made by my great grandfather. Very cool to see.

jackie, long island

I was wondering if any of these book marks are sold anywhere - remakes of course........ Could you help me with that.... we need about 25 antique book marks for a holdiay gift for a small company and I can't find any unique bookmarks but your site is simply unbelievable...... so many thanks in adavance... Mina

Mina, New York City

An exquisite and amazing collection, beautifully presented here.

Andrew and Annabelle, Peets, MB

No. 0854 was patented by my grandfather. My family still have one or two of these. We also have some of what I guess you would call his prototypes.


Some of these are very exquisite...beautiful!

Lisa P., OC, California

What about prices?

G Short, England

This is my site and I welcome any and all comments. Thanks.

Howie S., Manhattan Beach, CA
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